Book “ISLAM IN CHINA AND THE ISLAMIC WORLD : A History of Chinese Scholarship”

人間文化研究機構創発研究センター研究員・東北大学東北アジア研究センター助教 志宝ありむとふて(Alimtohte SHIHO)氏は、書籍「ISLAM IN CHINA AND THE ISLAMIC WORLD: A History of Chinese Scholarship」を Gorgias Press LLCより出版いたしました。

Over the past half century, China has accomplished a great deal in the study of Islam, and established a certain academic system for its study. This book offers a history of contemporary Islamic research in China, analyzing the interdisciplinary research emerging from this system, from its background to the people involved, mechanisms, and their publications, scientific conferences, reference works and historical materials, and the branches of research: history, religion, philosophy, politics, and culture.

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