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Associate professor UENO Toshihiro

UENO Toshihiro

UENO Toshihiro

Associate professor

Modern Chinese history, Chinese ethnology




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Analyzing Ethnic Relations and Ethnic Policies in Modern and Contemporary China through Documents and Fieldwork

Various ethnic groups live in Northeast Asia, and thus China, which has a vast territory in this area, constitutes a multiethnic nation. Through the mainstream of Chinese modern history from the dismantling of relaxed regional integration that resulted from the end of the imperial regime to the reunification of regions and peoples through the nation-building process, uniting these ethnic groups became a major issue in China and still is of importance today. I seek to elucidate the ethnic issues in modern and contemporary China by combining analysis of the available archives with fieldwork, and contribute to the promotion of ethnic harmony by deepening our understanding of Northeast Asian multiethnicity.

Historical cityscape of Beijing
Historical cityscape of Beijing

Principal areas of interest

  • Ethnic integration issues in modern and contemporary China during the establishment process of a Chinese nation-state
  • The formation and change of ethnic relations in China
  • Social dynamics and ethnic identities of Northeast Asian ethnic groups